The Year 2022 in Writing

A short retrospective of my writing journey in 2022.

It was a busy year and while a few things got pushed back, other projects saw the light of day, and I’m overall very pleased with my writing journey in 2022.

The year began strong with two short story publications back to back in January and February, followed by another one in June, for a total of 3 short story publications in 2022:

  • My story One More Sunrise
    was published by Flash Point SF on January 14th
  • My story Reflections
    was published in The Quiet Ones – True Love Never Dies on February 28th
  • My story What’s a Penguin?
    was published by Little Blue Marble on June 24th

In addition to publications online, my work was also featured in 1 print anthology:

  • Warmer Worlds by Little Blue Marble 2022 (edited by Kathrina Archer)

Winter Enchantment, an anthology by Iridescent Worlds, will be published early next year and did an author interview with me, which can be read here.

Short story submissions slowed down a bit around May, but for a pretty good reason: after finishing round after round of edits, I started querying my Middle-Grade Fantasy novel The Cats of Yesteryarn! While I am still looking for representation, the querying process alone taught me a lot, and it was fun and uplifting to participate in the pitch events on Twitter (before… well, before.)

My biggest writing achievement this year was my self-published ebook:

Tröll, Álfar, Hestar: 3 Magical Short Stories Inspired by Iceland

Cover for my ebook Tröll, Álfar, Hestar - 3 magical short stories inspired by Iceland.

On the 1st of September, it went live on Amazon and Kobo, and – judging by the reviews – was well received:

5 star review from Amazon: A brilliant book of myths and kindness. Three tiny stories full of exquisite detail, vivid descriptions and well developed characters you feel for, in beautiful settings. Lived the authors mix of myth and reality, and a love of Iceland, its culture, language and folklore steeped in every page. I havent finished a kindle book in a while but this had me gripped, loved every minute. Overall, a brilliant book and I would give it five stars.
5 star review from Goodreads: Delightful magical tales

Such beautiful tales woven by this wordsmith. The last one was so beautiful it made me cry. These stories manage to capture the beauty and magic of Iceland.
5 star review from Goodreads: This is a lovely collection of short stories full of subtle magic, hope and wonder. I think it's the perfect read especially now in the winter months, my only gripe is that there isn't more of it!

During NaNoWriMo I picked up last year’s project, a Queer YA Romance set in a dystopian world during the zombie apocalypse, which is currently about 60% through the first draft.

In addition to my active presence on Twitter, you can now also find me on Facebook and through my official author profile on Goodreads and Amazon.

All in all, it was a fruitful year for writing for me, where I tried new things and feel one step closer to becoming a full-time writer.

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “The Year 2022 in Writing

  1. I’m sooooo proud of you, Simone!

    Congrats on three story publications!

    Awesome! Congrats on the story being featured in the anthology too!

    So neat that you were interviewed as well! I’d be too nervous for one, even a written one lol.

    Best wishes with the querying! GO SIMONE! I’m rooting for you!

    Yessss! Congrats on the publication of your book! My review was longwinded LOL but I love your book! 😀

    Awesome progress with your Queer YA Romance story! Go Simone!

    Your Goodreads, Twitter, and Amazon profiles rock :).

    Glad you tried new things :). Best wishes on becoming a full-time writer! Happy New Year! I wish you a wonderful year :).

    1. My pleasure, Simone :). Much love and support always. I appreciate your support too. You are a kind and supportive friend :). You rock.

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